Stress Hives

Conquering STRESS HIVES I am going to take a moment to stress that it’s important, not to stress. Irecently had a serious case of hives on my legs, arms, chest, and neck. Itwas extremely miserable; the itch just wouldn’t go away. Nothing I tookmade it better. I strongly believe that because I have gone throughContinue reading “Stress Hives”


The POSSIBILITY of Cancer, by having BRCA1 Mutation

First and foremost, I want to express to you how sorry I am that you arefaced with such a scary diagnosis. I am here to tell you; you are not alone and wewill get through this together. The key to fighting a powerful fight is havingthose you love to support you and staying as positiveContinue reading “The POSSIBILITY of Cancer, by having BRCA1 Mutation”