Stress Hives


I am going to take a moment to stress that it’s important, not to stress. I
recently had a serious case of hives on my legs, arms, chest, and neck. It
was extremely miserable; the itch just wouldn’t go away. Nothing I took
made it better. I strongly believe that because I have gone through cancer
that none of the traditional medications worked. So, when I say miserable, I
mean for a about two weeks I had hardly any relief from the itch that
wouldn’t go away. Even itching didn’t make the itch go away!

I want to encourage you to avoid stress at all costs. Our immune systems
are not the way they used to be, and medicine doesn’t always work the way
it should.

How it began

I felt like I was managing my normal to-do list just fine, but something was
off; the stress just kept building and building. I recognized my gut kept
clenching. I kept telling myself that I would just get rid of one to-do task so I
could power through another one, but then another one was added to my
list before I could make much progress. Before I knew it my to-do list was
overflowing, and I felt like there wasn’t an end in sight or anyone to help.
My husband was out of the country for two weeks and I didn’t feel like I had
anyone to really lean on at home (we are a military family, away from
family). My stress got out of control, and I honestly didn’t realize how bad it
was or even consider that my body would break out in hives.
I didn’t realize it was from stress at first. I thought maybe it was a bug bite. I
had also tried a new laundry detergent a few months back, or maybe my
body was reacting to a new food allergy. I had no idea. I tried taking certain
foods out of my diet, and I went back to my old laundry detergent. Oh my
goodness, you name it, I tried everything.

Prescription Medication

As the situation worsened, I remembered when I had hives once before
and I was given a prescription that seemed to work, so I immediately went
to the doctor. Well, it didn’t work this time. Two days later it was still
spreading, so I went back to the doctor who gave me a stronger dose.
Nope, that didn’t work either. In fact, my arm actually began to swell and
throb with pain. I felt trapped. This huge stressor that was overwhelming
me was now getting much worse. I went to the ER, and they gave me an IV
of Prednisone and Benadryl. That helped with the itch for a few hours, but
the symptoms came rushing back when the medicine wore off.

Over the counter medications

Benadryl, Allegra, Zyrtec, calamine lotion, Benadryl cream, apple cider
vinegar, oatmeal bath, and hydrocortisone cream. ALMOST NOTHING
(Make sure to read how and when to take these medications together)

I am convinced that because the cause was stress, coupled with the fact
that my body reacts differently to certain medications, that the only thing
that worked was ice and Benadryl. These only provided temporary relief
though. Lasting relief only began to show when I dropped all my stress and
left town!! Seriously!! When my husband got back home, we went on a
family vacation. I took every stressful situation out of my life and walked
away; my body needed a restart. Getting a fresh perspective away from my
stress helped me see that I couldn’t do this all in my own strength. I would
need God’s help to get me all the way through this.

I am writing this to you today because during my own struggle with hives I
encountered many people that were also struggling with hives (MY HEART
BREAKS FOR YOU). It is crucially important that you understand your
body and mind are a temple and you need to nourish it, offer it rest, and
allow God to take your worries.
God is working for you, you just have to give your worries to Him
I am not even kidding; my worries began to get solved the moment I fell to
my knees and prayed to God. I couldn’t believe how trusting God was so

difficult in this situation, and how much I didn’t trust him to figure it out for
me. I tried so hard to figure it all out on my own, but it was not meant to be
done on my own. Now when I notice my gut clenching, I stop, and I pray!
Don’t let hives or anything else control you or take away your happiness.
Give it to God, God will help you find light in the darkness. Let me just say,
I was in a very dark place. I didn’t think relief from my stress and the misery
of hives was possible.

With God it’s possible.


Published by trinafreese

Two time cancer survivor! Wife, mother, dog mom, and nurture. Lover and Fighter for life! I am creating this Blog because cancer Turned my world upside down Kicked me in the gut Took the breath out of me Made it hard to breath Made me feel alone! I was 28 when my dreams started coming true, I married the love of my life, I had my little boy, then my little girl and life was falling into place. Things felt amazing, I was floating on a cloud, life was perfect. Well, as perfect as a life could be here on earth. Regardless, I was thankful. Then one beautiful, perfect summer morning my cousin says I may have a genetic mutation the BRCA 1 that would mean I have a higher risk of getting cancer! That is where my Cancer Journey began.

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