Fight cancer with Exercise

Fight cancer with Exercise

Just because we have cancer that doesn’t mean we are weak, that our bodies are falling apart.

Your story is not over!!

 It is more important than ever to exercise and eat right. We are about to fight a battle and we must be physically and mentally ready. Physical exercise will improve how you feel significantly.  This will allow you the strength mentally and physically to fight! Believe it or not but it will help you stay positive and motivated.

Staying positive

It is so important that you stay positive throughout this journey, this will help you fight and survive this!  Life should not stop because you have cancer, personally I decided I was going to be stronger than my circumstances. Staying active and planning different outings is truly important. It helps you focus on the life you want to fight for and offer you a break from the battle you are about to fight.

Find someone to exercise with

Finding a friend to motivate you and keep you accountable is super important, because there will be days ahead that you may not want to get up and stay active. It is harder for us, because atter surgeries it will be harder to get motivated again. After chemo, it will be harder to have the energy.

Pray for strength and energy

I am not going to tell you staying active during this process is easy, I wouldn’t be being honest with you. The fatigue we feel is something we have never experienced before. Allow yourself to rest, this rest with give you the energy. Pray for energy, what I love so much about prayer and God answering prayers, is when I felt there was no way


Published by trinafreese

Two time cancer survivor! Wife, mother, dog mom, and nurture. Lover and Fighter for life! I am creating this Blog because cancer Turned my world upside down Kicked me in the gut Took the breath out of me Made it hard to breath Made me feel alone! I was 28 when my dreams started coming true, I married the love of my life, I had my little boy, then my little girl and life was falling into place. Things felt amazing, I was floating on a cloud, life was perfect. Well, as perfect as a life could be here on earth. Regardless, I was thankful. Then one beautiful, perfect summer morning my cousin says I may have a genetic mutation the BRCA 1 that would mean I have a higher risk of getting cancer! That is where my Cancer Journey began.

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